About Us


We provide our services throughout all of northern and central Minnesota, all the way to the Canadian Border. We offer our services to residential and commercial developers, real estate attorney’s, realtors, civil engineers, architects, finance companies,utility companies, contractors, municipalities, governmental agencies and private land owner’s.

Arro of the North's professional staff has extensive land surveying experience in supervising property surveys, control surveys, GPS surveys, land title surveys, topographic surveys, easement and right-of-way surveys, development surveys and engineering design surveys.

Our office surveying staff uses the fastest computers available, which are equipped with the latest version of Autodesk Land Development CAD software. Our staff has decades of land surveying experience and with the use of the current surveying technologies we will provide you, our client, with a timely and cost effective land surveying service from field to finish.

Arro of the North is dedicated to providing our clients with a timely, quality and cost effective land surveying service using the current surveying technology’s from field to finish. We have a strong commitment to servicing our clients and providing them with the highest degree of quality from field to finish.

Our professional land surveyors, David Serrano and Charlie LeDuc, has over 28 years of combined experience working with private landowners, local and state government agencies, and major national clients.

Pete Mitchell, consultant to Arro of the North, is located in our Park Rapids office. Pete has worked with Arro of the North for over 10 years and has extensive experience with ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, landfill surveys, airport surveys, subdivision, boundary and topographic work.

Our entire team of professionals, including our experienced, customer-oriented field personnel, will service the simplest request as well as the most complex surveying issues. Call or stop by our office to discuss your surveying needs, or request a proposal and we will contact you shortly.